Push vs Pull Strategy: Grow Your Business with the Correct Strategy

push marketing strategy and pull marketing strategy

Business has been challenging in today’s fast paced world where competition keeps increasing and you constantly require aggressive marketing strategies to keep your business running happily.

Talking about marketing, it is a process of getting people interested in your firm, its products and services. Today, marketing has a lot of types which includes: internet marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Blog Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Print Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Video Marketing and more. However, all the above mentioned marketing types can be segregated into two strategies i.e. push marketing strategy and pull marketing strategy.

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What Is Push Marketing Strategy?

Imagine you’re opening up a new venture or a new outlet of your business and need more and more people to know about it in a short period of time. In such situations push strategies can be very effective in putting out the word about your business.

You can either go for Pay Per Click (PPC), print marketing, billboard ads, etc. This way you can quickly catch eyeballs and attract people to your business.

When To Use Push Strategy

  • Increase Short-Term Sales
  • Increase Brand Awareness
  • Introducing New Product in the Market
  • New Distribution Path

What Is Pull Marketing Strategy?

Pull marketing strategy implements techniques that can lure organic customers to visit your store and purchase your product or services willingly. In pull strategy you basically persuade and convince the customer into buying what you want to sell.

You can use strategies like advertising, conversational referrals, social media promotions. The main concept behind pull marketing is to establish a loyal and a long term relationship with the customer ensuring that they stick to your brand in the long run.

When To Use Pull Strategy

  • For building a loyal customer base
  • Ensures long term business growth
  • For building long term consumer relationships

Difference Between Push & Pull Marketing Strategy

You must now be having a clear understanding of how push and pull marketing works while building, pushing or expanding your brand. But to put it in more clear words, push strategy involves keeping your brand in front of the audience but involves costs whereas pull strategy naturally draws customers with its strategies to buy your product or services.

The types of marketing that you studied earlier in the article comes under push and pull strategy SEO, Content Marketing, SEM, Social media paid ads , etc.

You can get along with a best social media marketing agency or a web development and design company like Interics Designsto give your business the perfect marketing strategies it requires to grow.

Strategies Used In Pull & Push Marketing: 

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is one of the most important and effective long-term strategies especially in terms of ROI. However, when it comes to Search engine practices there isn’t a huge difference between push & pull marketing strategies in terms of the tools used.

Search Engine Optimization focuses on website optimization for the algorithms to rank your website at the top of the search engine results. By carefully focusing on the on-site factors like coding, designing, content, meta-data, key words and many more. By applying these on-site factors smartly and correctly you can rank your website/pages higher in the search results and get more organic traffic.

However, the downside of the SEO services is that it needs a fair amount of capital investment. Either you can spend hours on getting your SEO right or hire the best digital marketing agency like – IDPL who gives you professional SEO services.

  • Social Media Marketing

One of the most appropriate platforms to grow your business and make your products come visible in the eyes of your audience is social media. All though the fact is that social media makes opportunities in both push and pull strategy. A good brand, quality content and a loyal customer base it’s possible to take advantage of organic interest in your products and services.

No doubt social media can help you get an organic audience but at the same time it is also growing as an important channel for paid ads and campaigns. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn offer paid ads and campaigns and are considered as the best social media marketing sites.

  • Content Marketing

If you want a sustainable business growth, content marketing is very essential and can be a vital component in enhancing your brand. Content marketing is often referred to as your brand’s own marketing strategy but at the same time it’s the area where push and pull strategies begin to blend in a little.

No push and pull marketing strategy can be brought into implementation without some content. Almost every digital marketing agency makes sure the content is quality driven while delivering to any client. In current times the SEO and content has merged with keyword density and Google EAT (Expertise, Authority & Trustworthiness) plays a significant role.

Content marketing also ensures that your content is precise to who your target audience is and they are looking for. Content marketing requires building out a user focused website that offers content, guides, pictures, videos, blogs and more. The primary focus is to not generate sales but to help visitors find what they are seeking for and then drive sales. A good quality content is informative and aids your audience to move along the conversion funnel more easily.

  • Paid & Display Ads

Even today paid ads are considered as one of the most popular marketing strategies. It is a vital push strategy which focuses on custom made paid ads right next to organic results to attract more customers.

Search ads are induced by vigorously searching for specific keywords that help your page appear on SERP (Search Engine Results Page) and answer a specific search query. Display ads are triggered when you aim for specific criteria like demographics or interests. 

Today, 73% of the paid ads belong to Google followed by a small portion belonging to Microsoft Bing.


It’s important for you to make your brand stand out from the crowd by applying correct pull and push strategies according to the requirement for your business growth.

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