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Teknoflow Green Equipment Pvt. Ltd.

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The client:
Teknoflow manufactures heavy equipment and systems for industrial and environmental segments in India and abroad. At its extensive facilities in Nashik, it manufactures equipment such as exhaust systems for power generation plants, industrial water treatment equipment, pressure vessels, filtration systems, ventilation systems for mining, and much more.

The brief:
To uplift and launch the Teknoflow brand, and build a distinctive identity in the marketplace as a complete solutions provider offering a wider spectrum of offerings and world-class value-added services.

The solution:
Interics designed, developed and launched Teknoflow’s website – the most critical touchpoint between customer and company in online marketing. With carefully curated information and photographs, smooth and logical navigation, creative use of new brand assets, crisp and clear narration, and consistent reinforcement of brand identity, we created a responsive web design that tells the story of the brand, and plays a crucial role in building Teknoflow’s online brand experience.

The website has succeeded in giving Teknoflow a progressive, more dynamic online presence, building brand across geographies. The digital brand experience served to change perception of Teknoflow from an equipment fabricator to a knowledgeable, value-adding partner for industries worldwide.

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