Popular brands that failed while entering new market segment


Marketing is a critical function in any business or organization, as it plays a vital role in connecting businesses with their target audience and driving sales. Here are some of the key reasons why marketing is important:

  1. Building brand awareness
  2. Increasing customer engagement
  3. Driving sales
  4. Differentiating from companies
  5. Understanding customer needs
  6. Creating customer loyalty
  7. Reaching the correct audience

These are some common yet very significant measures a brand needs to take to make sure their brand is successful along with delivering quality products and services. Let us have a look at some of the brands who failed despite having a popular presence already.

  • Google Plus: One of the most powerful & global giant google also failed when it tried launching a social media platform. Google introduced Google Plus better known as G+. The motive was to transform the way people interact online.

Google plus failed because of its complex design which couldn’t compete with its competitor and social media giant Facebook (now called Meta). The platform also lacked in offering something new and failed miserably meeting its customer requirements.

  • Cheetos Lip Balm: One of the loved and crunchy snack leaders Cheetos was not able to awestruck its audience when it launched its lip balm. The brand was expecting its loyal customer base to expect their new product with open arms.

However, the idea completely backfired when the customers were unhappy with the concept of applying a snack flavored lip care.  Unfortunately, the brand has to pull off from the shelves very soon. This happened because of their poor study in understanding the customer.

  • Crystal Pepsi: We all know how big brand Pepsi is and considering their hold on the market, they tried something different. Pepsi introduced ‘Crystal Pepsi’ which was quite revolutionary and the audience even loved the concept. What went wrong was the unlikely taste that made customers show disinterest in the product.

The new Crystal Pepsi got much of a negative image in the market which led to the discontinuation of the product. 

  • Bisleri Pop: The mineral water gain Bisleri horribly failed when the brand tried to enter the soft drink market by introducing soft drinks in various flavors such as Pina Colada,Spyci, Limonata, Fonzo.

The brand failed to impress its customers for obvious reasons like existing competitors (pepsi, coca-cola, etc), poor market analysis and more. Bisleri had to pull out from the shelves very soon. In conclusion, we can see how many popular brands who wished to enter a new market failed miserably because of their poor marketing. This also proves how important it is even for a well-established brand to consider market research, customer requirement, product & competitor analysis vital while entering a new segment of the market.

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