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Traditional marketing is becoming lesseffective by the day and as a forward-thinking marketer, you should consider that the impact of digital marketing on customers is far greater. Though it appears sublime at first glance,online marketing creates an impactful impression on the minds of potential customers who can then be converted to make buying decisions.

Website traffic is the foundation of content marketing success; without website traffic, there is no revenue and therefore, no ROI. It’s also a good idea to look at where your traffic is coming from; this is known as referral website traffic.

Interics Digital

At Interics Digital, we evolve a robust strategy with an optimal mix of impactful digital marketing to capture interest, build trust and lead prospects to the sales funnel.

We optimise your website for SEO, leverage paid campaigns and organic social, and use content marketing to build thought leadership. All the while,we conduct continuous improvement, additions, and optimisation of touchpoints for qualified lead generation and sales nurturing.

We are the go-to digital marketing company for paid campaigns because our digital marketing services are bespoke.


If you are going to look at how many of the generated leads turn into sales, and what the value of those sales is, that’ll give you one of the key numbers in the content marketing ROI calculation.If you’ve got qualified leads and are nurturing them with the right content at the right time, then some of those people should buy something.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.

Instead of pitching your products or services, you are providing truly relevant and useful content to your prospects and customers to help them solve their problems.

What is content marketing ROI?

Content marketing ROI is a percentage that shows how much revenue you gained from content marketing in comparison to what you spent.To get a clear picture of your content marketing ROI, it’s important to think about which content marketing metrics really matter.

Among others, you need to calculate how much you spent to produce the content, figure out what it cost you to distribute the content, work out the money spent for what you got in return and calculate your content marketing ROI.

Lead Generation

Reaching across to an online audience can generate leads. That’s why content marketing is so crucial for lead generation.There are a lot of ways to measure lead quality.

For example, if you’ve just created an epic blog post with a lead magnet or content upgrade, you can tell it’s working to attract quality leads if people read your blog post and grab your lead magnet, which shows they could be thinking about doing business with you.

Your visitors check out related resources that are part of your marketing or sales funnel.Visitors contact your sales team to ask pre-sales questions.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) can be understood in four ways. Technical SEO focuses on improving the technical structure of a website and looks at improving site speed, mobile-friendliness, crawlability, structured data, security, and indexing.

On-page SEO is all about optimizing factors on the web page that clearly help search engines understand the content in context, including things like title and meta tag optimization, image alt tags, etc. 

Content SEO is one of Google’s main ranking factors, and without great content that properly matches the searcher intent, you will struggle to rank in top spots.

But content goes way beyond just copywriting, and there needs to be a solid strategy in place.

Off-page SEO is authority building, encompassing link building, and other tactics. This approach focuses on improving the trustworthiness and authority of a website in search engines’ eyes and its users by connecting it to other high authority and relevant sites.

Social media

Offsite engagement is also important for assessing content marketing ROI. If people find your content useful, they’ll usually link to it or share it with others on social media.

Social media engagement and referral traffic are important to keep track of because a lot of purchase decisions are influenced by peer recommendations and other social proof. And guess where your potential customers are hanging out?On social media sites like Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and Facebook.

How can Interics boost ROI?

For Brand Reputation, we use a variety of proactive and reactive strategies to create a positive image for your brand and protect it from negative reviews on the Internet.

From monitoring and review management to complaint management and branding, Interics’ helps to control the narrative of your brand/business, build Brand value and influence consumer perception for positive business impact in the digital realm.


Leveraging Interics Designs’ interdisciplinary approach, we build Strategic Digital Brand Experiences for startups to large enterprises, with creative and interactive digital design deployment through the gamut of digital marketing services. Integrating branding, design, technology, and marketing, we maximize impact, resource utilisation and ROI.

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