How to Infuse Digital Brand Experience in UX Design

Digital marketing and digital branding are all about providing consumers with relevant, authentic and consistent digital experiences.

Digital brand experience refers to the sum of what consumers see, think, hear and feel about a brand at all online touch points. These include website, blog, social media channels, apps, and all the other options that emerge for brands to establish contact with their customers digitally.

Digital brand experience is the lasting impression that remains with the consumer after he/she engages with your brand online. The brand, its values and its positioning form the strategic framework for digital brand experiences. Creating a consistent and specific experience in this digital world is crucial for a brand’s credibility.


Digital brand experience is the glue that helps build a stronger connection between your brand and your target audience. A positive brand experience inspires trust and confidence, and is often the differentiator when it comes to consumers choosing one brand over another.

Creating strong digital brand experiences is important because:

– more customers are going digital: Especially since the pandemic, people are spending more time on social media and computers, listen to more streaming services, and watch or upload content on YouTube. Consumers prefer the discreet, no sales pressure, convenient method of online shopping, so businesses have to use digital platforms to build brand, promote products and interact with customers.

– digital channels reveal customer insights: Digital marketing may lack human contact but it allows businesses to study and interpret customer data to better understand customers’ behaviour. Tools like Google Analytics, marketers can examine metrics such as traffic, page views, average time on page, bounce rate, etc. and use the insights to create a positive digital experience.

Digital brand experience enables brands to:

  • create empathy and connection
  • achieve better engagement
  • deliver wider reach
  • build trust
  • derive real-time feedback


Just as it is important to adopt holistic marketing that takes different channels and combines them in a well-rounded strategy so that all bases are covered, explored and monitored, it is vital to provide a holistic digital brand experience designed with synergy and well-thought-through content.

To create a better brand experience, B2B businesses need to start by viewing the customer journey holistically, and then optimise the entire customer journey across multiple platforms.The goal should be to ensure a seamless experience for the customer; one that is relevant and meaningful at every stage of the journey.

Today’s customers are smarter than ever before and expect a polished, coherent experience throughout, from your website and social media pages to your sales portal, blog platforms and beyond. Consistency in visuals and messaging is key, regardless of where, how or on which device the customer chooses to engage with you.

When constructing a holistic brand experience, every detail your customer encounters, communicates something to him. The details will either align with, enhance, and solidify your brand, or contradict, degrade, and confuse your brand. So, it’s imperative that every element must contribute to and enhance the bigger brand mission.


UX or User Experience is the process used to create the best possible experience for the customer, to make them want to come back or engage more with your brand. UX requires design knowledge as well as soft skills such as empathy.

UX is a critical part of the customer’s online experience because the ideal online customer journey is all about the ease with which a customer can find, access, review or buy products and services.

However, while usability is an essential component of UX, that is only the surface. UX goes deeper, determining how a brand speaks to the customer. It’s about delivering the relevant message, in an engaging and effective manner. So, content is vital to user experience. Well-crafted digital copy that is optimised for search engines is essential, as is design. According to a pivotal 2015 study by Adobe, when given 15 minutes to consume content, two-thirds of people would rather read something beautifully designed than something plain.


All things considered, brands can’t really have user experience without brand experience. Positive user experiences facilitate positive brand experiences. For example, if a customer has a good user experience when he visits a brand’s website, it’s sure to impact how he views the brand.

Similarly, fast and effective service from a sales portal will naturally contribute positively to the overall brand experience.

UX may create exciting, attention-grabbing interactions (which are necessary to break through the clutter!) but should always stay true to brand values. The world’s most valuable brands have proved that brand consistency increases brand recognition and creates lasting customer relationships.


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Research and industry experts have found that a positive user experience has a direct co-relation to positive brand experience. One could call them two sides of the same coin.

UX design fosters brand-to-customer relationships by working on usability, responsiveness, aesthetics, content and interaction to satisfy the user’s objective in a more efficient, enjoyable and relevant way. When UX design aligns the brand personality and supports the brand message, it creates a positive digital brand experience that drives the client’s business objectives. Talk to Interics IN-DIGITAL for your digital brand experience building. Our bespoke solutions, created with a mix of market insight, business planning and design innovation, will help to craft engaging and positive digital brand experiences.

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