Evergreen Content: Essential Element of Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Content strategy for digital marketing

We all know that content is king in digital marketing. But it’s of little use if your audience cannot find and consume it. Your content must be SEO-optimised to rank high in searches, and it must retain its relevance and value for the long term.

Role of content in SEO

Simply put, SEO begins and ends with content. That’s how important content is in digital marketing. Quality content gives Google something to rank. It also tells Google what keywords and search terms your content should be ranked for.

But how does it work? After a website is launched, Google scans the code of the site and indexes it for record collections. When someone performs a specific search, they use keywords to narrow their results. Using advanced algorithms, Google reviews these keywords, combs through its massive database indexes to find matches to the keywords. Once matches are found, Google returns the most relevant results called SERPs (search engine results pages).

That’s why high-quality, SEO-optimised content is crucial in digital marketing. It determines who finds your website and what information they take away once they have landed there. It also plays a vital role in increasing your conversion rate.

What is evergreen content?

As the name suggests, evergreen content is content that stands the test of time. Like an evergreen tree that retains its leaves all year round, evergreen content stays relevant and read-worthy long after it is published. It continues to drive traffic to your website; it is effective and lasting.

Hence content that covers topics such as current trends, news announcements, specific holidays or statistics are not evergreen. They are likely to become obsolete or irrelevant; they lack sustainable value.

The right content strategy with smart choices of topics and keywords can ensure evergreen content that continues generating interest with time, and users will always visit or revisit it even after months or years.

Examples of Evergreen Content

Due to its timeless subject matter and its appeal to a large and recurring audience, evergreen content has no real expiration date and retains its value long-term.

Different formats can be used to create evergreen content. The most effective ones include product reviews, case studies, informational videos, guides or ‘How to’ tutorials, tips and listicles. The best way to find evergreen content ideas is to focus on your industry or domain and explore various related areas. For example, a digital marketing company could create content around the theme of ‘how to build an effective content strategy’ while an industrial machine manufacturer could share tips on how to get the best performance out of a specific machine.

This does not mean that evergreen content must only discuss broadly searched topics. Getting a professional branding and digital marketing agency to create authoritative content within a niche can be a great way to create evergreen content.

Importance of evergreen content in SEO

It is now universally acknowledged that evergreen content should be an integral part of any business’ digital marketing strategy. It serves many advantages:

Improves organic traffic and lead generation: Evergreen content is a great source of regular, organic traffic on your website. Because evergreen content ranks high with search engines, it’s found more and attracts organic traffic at a consistent rate over the long term without a decline. Since there is regular organic traffic on your evergreen articles, you can make the most out of it by making the page more interactive and presenting the readers with options and impactful CTAs to explore further. Doing this will ultimately help you convert users into leads.

Stays relevant and informative: Evergreen content continues to be useful to your audience year after year.

Achieves high search engine rankings: Because the content is high-quality and timeless, it will continue to rank high in searches. After all, Google does not rank out-of-date content!

Lowers website bounce rate: Informative, relevant evergreen content keeps readers on your site longer, which tells search engines that your content fulfilled the search request and provided value to the user.

Better chances of backlinks: By providing evergreen content, you increase the chance of websites linking back to your content as other websites usually link to informative and high-quality content when they write about a topic.

Easier to sustain: Content doesn’t need to be changed or updated very often, if ever. Because it requires less time and attention, the ROI for evergreen content is tremendous. Just ensure that the page is SEO-healthy, and it can sustain for years.

How to create evergreen content

Once you have an idea of the topic, start thinking about the format. Remember, evergreen content doesn’t necessarily have to be a blog post. It can be a video, infographic or some other visuals. Whatever the format, here are some basic tips to follow:

– Do keyword research and use the right keywords relevant to the topic organically in the article. This will help your content rank high on SERPs.

– Make it unique to your brand so it represents your brand and brand voice accurately. After all, it’s going to be read for a long time.

– Make it original. You can aggregate information but your style and analysis should be original.

– Write for both laymen and industry professionals. The content should be accessible and engrossing for all demographics, so it should be simple, clear and concise sans overly-technical language.

– Omit dates and other topical information as they will automatically limit the life of your content.

– Repurpose content in other formats. For example, a blog can be adapted into a video or infographic.

– Revisit and refresh to keep the content fresh. Regularly check for broken links, change the publishing date so it appears new, add new relevant keywords, alter headlines, update any dated information, etc.

How Interics IN-Digital can help

Evergreen content can generate great results in the long run. While it may sound difficult to put into practice, having a professional digital marketing agency in India like Interics IN-Digital can certainly help.

Interics IN-Digital has experience and proficiency in creating evergreen content as well as the SEO and digital marketing professionals who can take your rankings to the next level. Interics can also create a convincing digital brand experience and formulate a Content strategy for digital marketing to further improve SERP rankings. Interics can also execute a successful brand launch in India.

A top SEO agency in India, Interics IN-Digital’s Content Strategy for digital marketing starts with the creation of a Content Architecture – an ongoing birds-eye view of how everything is supposed to work. We develop and build your content in a framework that unfolds your image, philosophy, who you are and also describes your product, applications, markets, etc. in a systematic way.

Our Content Architecture covers:

As a successful brand communication agency we devise a Content Strategy that focuses on the planning, creation, delivery and governance of content based on research, audit and analysis. The objective is to create meaningful, engaging and sustainable content that is well structured and is the foundation of your content architecture pyramid.

Based on the Content Architecture and adopting data-driven insights, Interics IN-DIGITAL (one of the top digital marketing agencies in India) builds both topical and evergreen content. Ideally, your strategy should identify specific content goals like increased SEO value, more backlinks to your website, improved readership, increased engagement, additional leads, etc. Goals should be practical and attainable – an editorial calendar is a great tool for this. The structuring makes the content more useful and easily deliverable on any channel or device while helping to keep track of your content and goals.

Planning how you will reach your audience is crucial in content strategy. How are you going to distribute that whitepaper? Which publications are best suited to your article pitch or press release? Such questions need to be answered before creating content. The distribution and amplification of content is a critical part of content marketing.
With insights into real-time analytics, we create and distribute content that is most relevant to increase reach and deepen engagement. Our carefully crafted content includes infographics, articles, press releases, pitches, whitepapers, case studies, landing pages, SEO pages and blog posts – each of which serves a different purpose and is designed to attract a clearly defined audience. As a top SEO agency with the capacity for successful brand positioning in India in today’s omni channel marketing environment, we identify multiple channels and touch points for high-value content that drives profitable customer action.


Interics IN-Digital is an experienced, full services SEO agency and leading digital marketing agency with the team and capabilities to create valuable evergreen content that draws traffic and generates leads for your brand. Whether it is a case study, product video, blog or infographic, our team develops and designs sustainable, SEO-optimised content that leads to favourable business outcomes.

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