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Digital Brand Experience

New technologies and digital media have enhanced the ability of brands to interact with their audiences on both functional and emotional levels.

Consumers expect digital experiences that are flawless. This can range from browsing a brand’s website to interacting with the brand on social media. At Interics Digital, we consider every aspect of a brand’s visual language and tone of voice; work with clients to design a content-rich website that forms the core of your digital presence.

As an experienced B2B and B2C digital marketing agency in India, we deploy digital platforms strategically and harness changing technologies, ensuring clarity and optimisation across touch points and interactions. With content strategyadvertising, image creation & building supported through digital campaigns, we offer personalised, meaningful and memorable brand experiences that resonate with consumers, build brand loyalty and deliver attractive return on investment.

Digital SWOT

Our first step is digital audit and SWOT analysis, to get a clear picture of where you stand. SWOT is a powerful strategy development tool – to help you achieve your goals in a structured, systematic manner.

It tells us in which direction you are moving, and helps define where your business wants to go. It provides understanding of your products/ services, what your competitors are offering, and how you deliver better value.

Based on this indepth study and analysis, we develop a strategy and utilise new technologies and digital media to create brand experiences that are relevant, consistent and compelling.

Content Strategy

The most important component of Interics’ Digital strategy is creation of Content Architecture. Think of it as an ongoing birds-eye view of how everything is supposed to work. We develop and build your content in a framework which unfolds your image, philosophy, who you are and also describes your product, applications, markets, etc. in a systematic way.

Strategy is an opportunity to determine all the really high-level content that matters to your brand.

Studying about the brand provides the building blocks for the main elements of your Content Stack. It truly is a top-down scenario; the better we are able to define what will make you successful moving forward from a high level, the easier it will be to continue to be successful over time.


Content Research, Strategy & Governance

Based on research, audit and analysis, we devise a Content Strategy that focuses on the planning, creation, delivery and governance of content. The objective is to create meaningful, engaging and sustainable content that is well structured and is the foundation of your content architecture pyramid.

Content Creation

Based on the Content Architecture and adopting data-driven insights, Interics IN-DIGITAL builds content that is personalised and scalable. Ideally, your strategy should identify specific content goals like increased SEO value, more backlinks to your website, improved readership, increased engagement, additional leads, etc. Goals should be practical and attainable – an editorial calendar is a great tool for this. The structuring makes the content more useful and easily deliverable on any channel or device while helping to keep track of your content and goals.

Content Development for Marketing (Published, Reactive & Proactive)

With insights into real-time analytics, we create and distribute content that is most relevant to increase reach and deepen engagement. Our carefully crafted content includes infographics, blogs, press releases, pitches, whitepapers, case studies, landing pages, SEO pages and blog posts – each of which serves a different purpose and is designed to attract a clearly defined audience. Planning how you will reach your audience is crucial in content strategy. How are you going to distribute that whitepaper? Which publications are best suited to your article pitch or press release? Such questions need to be answered before creating content. The distribution and amplification of content is a critical part of content marketing. In today’s omnichannel marketing environment, the best strategies identify multiple channels and touch points for high value content that drives profitable customer action.


Interics IN-DIGITAL unleashes the power of social to help you connect with your target audience, absorb feedback, establish trust and build following. Through social media analytics and social media listening, we understand and analyse every client’s audience. With thorough understanding of your brand’s objectives and audience, we develop a roadmap to achieve defined, measurable goals; and utilise the latest platforms, tools, strategies and tactics to ensure you succeed in the ever-evolving world of social.

Social media strategy

Platform-specific Communication Plan

Content creation and curation

Content Creation & Curation

Audience Engagement

Audience Engagement & Community Building

Social Customer Service

Social Customer Service