Childhood Passion turned into a India’s most popular streetwear brand amongst Genz

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One name that has become synonymous with hip-hop fashion is Urban Monkey. A 2014 brand that has become highly popular in the Genz & Millennials because of its unique street style designs with precise quality. Yash Gaganwal, founder of Urban Monkey introduced this brand to provide much-needed products for the skateboarders, athletes & underground artists in India.

Story of Yash Gaganwal, Founder of Urban Monkey

A 12 year old kid who loved skateboarding turned underground culture into his passion. Yash returned to India from Hong Kong at the age of 24, where he found skateboarding wasn’t much of a thing. He also noticed that where the sport did have proper equipment was also missing the hip-hop touch. That is when it actually struck him about the missing street culture in India & no real presence of any fashion brands to represent the culture.

Emergence of Urban Monkey

With no popularity in skateboarding, Yash joined a small skateboarding academy in Mumbai. His friend’s use to ask him to bring skateboarding equipment from Hong Kong. Thats it… this where the idea of Urban Monkey was born.

They started designing & selling caps & skateboards. A positive response from the crowd is what motivated the brand to push more and design other accessories as well including T-shirts, hoodies, glasswares & many more.

Urban Monkey gave streetwear recognition within the market. It emerged as youth fashion & has gained a lot of popularity as well. Today, Urban company collaborates with celebrities such as Rannvijay Sinha, Raftaar, Emiway Bantai & more.

How Urban Monkey boosted their business

From earning 30 thousand per month to 4.5 million in three years, Urban Monkey climbed the stairs of success in a very short span of time. You must be wondering how big this jump is. Well when you have unique products in your treasury along with impactful digital marketing strategies, then you’re definitely winning.

  1. Improved their SEO: Urban Monkey was already strong from their side by producing some of the most unique and dope streetwear fashion but where they lacked behind was a poor SEO for their website. When Urban Monkey started growing, they launched their website trying increasing their reach & sales. From a professional SEO agency, the brand fixed their website for CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation) & On-page SEO to increase their online traffic. With an improved CRO, the company received organic lead generation which also boosted their sales rate.
  • Utilizing Social Media: Theuse of Instagram was the next step. By understanding their audience better & with proper insights, Instagram proved to be the best social media platform for applying effectivesocial media strategies. By running campaigns including influencer marketing, Urban Monkey gained astonishing results. The brand soon got blue tick recognition on Instagram.
  • Massive Collaboration & Appearances: After receiving a healthy recognition on social media and amongst the youth, the brand partnered with ‘Gully Boy’. The purpose behind this was to strongly support the underground artist and to show that their brand is truly based on ‘community first & genderless’ values. The brand even appeared on the famous Indian television show the Shark Tanks.

Results of using specific digital marketing strategies:

  1. Increase in Return of Investment (ROI) by 125 times.
  2. The traffic on website doubled
  3. The revenue generated in the first 6 months grew by 40 times
  4. The brand got 4 million new impressions Pan India

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