B2B Online Brand Reputation Management By Interics INDigital

Business Impact

The growth of the Internet has changed the way we do business, making it imperative for marketers to develop and maintain a strong and efficient Lead Generation and Brand Reputation building machine.

We offer an exclusive strategy for Marketing to engage a community of professionals to drive actions that are relevant to your market and products.

Objective driven Business digital transformation needs intervention to boost bottomline. Some redesign in the present structure is a must. Content needs to be redesigned in terms of customer experience, workflow and then go for reorganising the digital process. Integrating new technology is an essential part of the process. To achieve objectives, companies need to identify the proper fit for their industry.

Brand Reputation Management

Search engine optimization

Reverse Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Review Management


Lead Generation

Interics IN-DIGITAL conducts continuous improvement, additions and optimisation of touch-points for qualified lead generation and sales nurturing.

IoT (Internet of Things) is the future of the B2B digital platforms, no matter which industry you operate in. IoT improves data processing. Our exclusive customised solutions make it possible for industries to analyse and distribute the data in an approachable way.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled solutions are revolutionising B2B marketing. By converting huge amounts of customer data into actionable insight, AI has the potential to identify the best B2B targets for inward and outward marketing initiatives. It can help improve the quantity and quality of leads generated.

From chatbots to predictive analysis to extra-precise targeting for content delivery across multiple interaction points – the potential of AI is ever-growing. Interics Digital harnesses these evolving technologies to expand your audience, pinpoint your leads and optimise digital marketing efforts.


ABM (Account Based Marketing) is one of IN-DIGITAL’s exclusive focused solutions for B2B digital marketing. Developed exclusively to tackle complex B2B growth challenges and opportunities, our ABM solution blends insight, creativity and marketing technology to defy conventions of B2B marketing and create ambitious, meaningful customer experiences.