Brand Storytelling: Effective Content Marketing Power Tool

Every business wants to connect with its customers and convince them to stay loyal. But how do you do it? In today’s overly-automated, digitally-driven world, the human touch is getting scarce and is therefore, coveted. Businesses need to find a face that differentiates them from the crowd; they need to connect with audiences emotionally and engage with them on a deeper level.

Brand storytelling is the solution.

What is brand storytelling?

Brand storytelling is a content marketing power tool that helps you to communicate your company message and establish relationships. Brand storytelling is the process of using a narrative to create an emotional connection between your customers and your brand.

Brand storytelling is a way of weaving together the facts and emotions that your brand evokes. It helps to present the values your brand stands for and which you share with your customers. Rather than simply pushing your products, engaging the customer with your values is the way to attract and retain customers. Brand storytelling is one of the best ways to speak to people on a personal level and to build a memorable brand.

Traditional and emerging platforms for brand storytelling

In earlier times, traditional media such as newspapers, magazines, television and radio were the platforms to disperse your brand story. In today’s digital age, options and opportunities abound. From owned media such as websites, mobile sites, social media and blog content to ‘earned’ media such as reposts, reviews, shares, etc. – your brand storytelling virtually knows no bounds.

Benefits of brand storytelling

1. Showcases your personality

2. Makes you stand out

3. Humanizes your brand

4. Improves audience engagement

5. Highlights your values

6. Increases customer loyalty

7. Evokes strong customer emotions

8. Builds a community around your brand

9. Increases sales and revenues

10. Easy to cross-post on multiple platforms at once/Overcomes media fragmentation

Best Digital Brand Storytelling Practices

1. Keep it simple: Attention spans are short, so stick to one strong message and make it brief and uncomplicated.

2. Be creative: Go beyond the literal, think bigger and bolder. Always look for an unusual take on the core message.

3. Make it human: Use engaging, emotive language that makes your story relatable and heart-touching.

4. Think idea first: Execution follows the idea. The story will determine the right platform.

5. Publish content effectively: Different touch points have different functions and capabilities. Choose the right tools and platforms. Refresh and amplify content accordingly while maintaining a consistent experience.

6. Involve your customers: Get them to contribute, amplify their voices and replay them. Encourage their involvement in your brand story.

7. Be consistent and authentic: Consumers are always suspicious and sceptical. Be true to your brand and tell your story honestly.

8. Brand your content properly: Even your brand identity tells a story. Create branded content by following your corporate visual identity that includes all the elements of logo, colour, typography, iconography, photography, etc. 

How can Interics IN-Digital help with Digital Brand Storytelling?

IN-Digital is a division of Interics Designs Pvt. Ltd., a leading independent customer experience company focusing on business, design and technology. The aim is to drive business growth through superior customer experiences that deliver brand and consumer value in the digital economy.

Through a customised combination of Content Strategy, Social Media Strategy, Digital Advertising, Website Design and more, we tailor digital marketing solutions for powerful brand experience and measurable brand impact.

As an experienced advertising agency in India, graphic design agency and digital marketing agency, we offer the capabilities required for effective brand storytelling. As leading brand consultants and interdisciplinary design consultancy, we create powerful branded stories for impact across platforms. With a mix of strategic thinking, creative content, eye-catching design, and efficient execution skills, our stories help your brand to connect and engage with desired customers.


Recent research suggests that in this digital age, the average person is far more likely to respond to a narrative than to a sales slogan. People will invest in a brand they believe in, and stories are a great way, not only to entertain and connect but also to convey our own beliefs, values and aspirations.

Brand storytelling is a powerful marketing strategy used to engage and strengthen your audience. It helps to cut through the competition and humanize your brand. When you take time to create stories for the sake of connection and entertainment, people develop an emotional connection with your brand and develop trust. To create, curate, amplify and distribute your brand story for maximum impact, partner with Interics IN-Digital.

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