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B2b Lead Generation

In B2B marketing, lead generation is a primary focus; the first step to making a sale. B2B lead generation the tactic of identifying potential customers and initiating their interest, ultimately leading them to making a purchase.

B2B lead generation is a staggered process, usually broken into numerous stages, each requiring detailed planning, budget allocation and sound execution.


Traditionally, marketing forced a product/service in front of people, interrupting their life. The digital revolution has been a game-changer.

B2B companies in the digital age have had to adapt to a change in buyer behaviour. Research has shown that B2B customers are increasingly engaging with companies through search, online communities, and web-based content. Clients are more likely to do a Google Search to find solutions to their pain points rather than wait to be found.

Lead generation is about using customer-focused methodology to get the right people to come to you. This results in stronger, quality leads with a higher chance of conversion.


Research has shown that inbound leads cost 61 percent less than outbound leads. Rather than spending money on expensive PPC, SEM and website advertisements, inbound methods can help you find and secure new customers in a more cost-effective way.

Some of these digital marketing solutions include:

Email marketing

Email is a great way to reach people who already know your brand, and to ask them to take an action. You can send welcome emails to new subscribers, targeted emails to customers who take a specific action. A digital marketing agency could provide a cost-effective email marketing solution as they will design and schedule emails, do A/B testing, and use different strategies to increase open and click-through rates.


Rather than choosing a random topic, B2B companies should create blogs that answer your TG’s questions and concerns. Study the topics your leads bring up with your salespeople, or via email and social media. Create blogs around those topics to draw in more leads.

Website optimisation

For starters, your website design should offer visual appeal, ease of use, and fast loading speed. Make your website mobile responsive because most B2B buyers today, use their mobile phone at work. Ensure your website is user-friendly on mobile settings and simple to navigate. Also optimise your website for keywords, and keep important information upfront and easy-to-access so visitors don’t lose interest searching for it.

Guest blog posts

Guest blogging can be one of your most effective B2B lead generation strategies. It’s a sound SEO tactic if you get on websites that have authority, high search rankings, and an audience that is relevant to your business. Guest blogs should be promoted on social media.

Live chat/Chatbots

Live chat/chatbots on your website can help a busy B2B buyer get his queries answered immediately, in real time. No need to search through your FAQs, download material, call a customer support number or wait for an email reply.

Social media

Social media lead generation helps build a personal relationship with your customers which will help make you top-of-mind when they think of buying.

In your Social Media Strategy for B2B lead generation, LinkedIn should be the leading site for distributing information. Ensure your profile is filled out with engaging, keyword-rich content, reviews and testimonials, impressive news and information about your company. Enrich your page with blog posts, videos, photographs and infographics created specifically for LinkedIn.


Target keywords that are likely to draw in relevant, high-quality traffic. Long-tail terms which are 3–4 words long and more specific, can attract leads with extremely high purchase intent that increases sales with very little SEO effort.

White paper

A white paper is a great way to write about a topic that will help with B2B lead generation as well as establish your thought leadership in your niche.

Research reveals that the majority of professionals would share their email in exchange for a white paper that offers value. By offering it conditional to filling out a form, you can access critical information that’s relevant for you.


Often, people are pressed for time, and prefer to listen to a webinar rather than read reams of text. When people sign up for your webinar, you can collect their email addresses and company information.

It’s advisable to keep webinars not more than 30–40 mins long, with Q&A sessions at the end. Record and promote the webinar for those who couldn’t attend.

Content strategy

Most successful B2B marketers have a well-defined and documented Content Strategy for digital marketing to generate relevant, creative and effective content in a timely manner. Whether it be social media posts or emails, blogs or Slideshare presentations, website, ads or landing pages, all content should follow a unified omnichannel B2B lead generation strategy to garner high-quality leads.


Interics IN-DIGITAL conducts continuous improvement, additions and optimisation of touch-points for qualified lead generation and sales nurturing.

IoT (Internet of Things) is the future of the B2B digital platforms, no matter which industry you operate in. IoT improves data processing. Our exclusive customised solutions make it possible for industries to analyse and distribute the data in an approachable way.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled solutions are revolutionising B2B marketing. By converting huge amounts of customer data into actionable insight, AI has the potential to identify the best B2B targets for inward and outward marketing initiatives. It can help improve the quantity and quality of leads generated.

From chatbots to predictive analysis to extra-precise targeting for content delivery across multiple interaction points — the potential of AI is ever-growing. Interics Digital harnesses these evolving technologies to expand your audience, pinpoint your leads and optimise digital marketing efforts.


Interics In-Digital is a full services digital marketing company with special experience working for B2B clients. Through a customised combination of Content Strategy for digital marketing, Social Media Strategy, Digital Advertising, Website Design, email marketing, SEO and more, we tailor digital marketing solutions for powerful digital brand experience and high-quality lead generation.

A top advertising agency in India, Interics is well-known as an experienced brand consultancy in India, brand launch agency, social media marketing agency and website designing company in India.

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