B2B Content Marketing & Paid Campaign Agency In India


For businesses who want to stay competitive, it’s essential to take your advertising strategy online. Distinct from organic, digital advertising is paid advertising to achieve your marketing goals. The availability of user data and rich targeting capabilities makes digital advertising an important tool for you to connect with your audience.

Our online advertising campaigns are well thought out, strategically planned and meticulously executed – with an eagle eye on metrics and results to ensure sound return on investment. We follow an integrated approach combining relevant content with creative design for ad campaigns, content marketing, video storyboarding and execution – building narratives and online brand experiences that are engaging and persuasive.

Through Search Engine Optimisation, Display Advertising, Social Media Paid Ads, we ensure you are seen multiple times by people in your targeting demographic or interest group over different mediums to continually refresh your brand and be top-of-mind when they are ready to buy.

Content Marketing & Advertising

Social Media Strategy

Content marketing is a strategy for developing and distributing content that is valuable, relevant and consistent – to attract, convert, and retain a clearly defined audience. Content marketing helps build trust, generate leads, and ultimately, drive profitable customer action.

At IN-DIGITAL, content marketing lies at the core of the digital marketing process. We plan and develop quality content for all forms and platforms of marketing whether it be PPC, inbound marketing, social media marketing, or digital advertising.

Paid search/display ads, remarketing or account-based paid ads, video ads, app engagement ads, Facebook marketing, LinkedIn marketing – with research, planning, testing and metrics, we find the right mix of digital advertising platforms for your brand.


Today, videos are an essential and highly effective element of advertising strategy. Video is versatile, engaging, easy to share and access across platforms. From concept to uploading, Interics IN-DIGITAL has the expertise and creative skills to create videos to effectively meet marketing goals. We ensure our videos are optimised so they work wonders for SEO as well.

Concept and storyboard

Concept & Storyboard

Execution with Editing


Image Advertising

As the case for visual content grows exponentially in digital marketing, image advertising is vital to increase brand awareness and viewer engagement. Based on strategic keyword targeting, demographic targeting, geographic targeting and more, IN-DIGITAL uses this form of native advertising to reach your target audience in a more specific, relevant and personalised way.

lifestyle value creation

Lifestyle Value Creation


In-screen Placement

Keyword targetting

Keyword Targeting


Demographic, Geographic and Event-based Targeting